This is an idea site. At some point I toyed around with the idea of setting up a web-design consultancy for academics who in my experience do a terrible job of setting up websites for their projects. I’ve moved on but if anyone’s interested, you’re welcome to the idea and the domain (contact me @techczech). Below is some initial wording outlining what such a consultancy would offer.

Not sure how to proceed in the New Media age? We will help you set up your media channels, create YouTube videos, produce podcasts, use MySpace or Facebook effectively and make the most of your blog for both internal and external communications.

Dacademic offers digital new media services to the academic world. We develop websites for conferences, podcasts, online communities, courses, schools and even online shops ecommerce. We work with Open Source packages Drupal, Moodle and WordPress to deliver just the right kind of functionality for your needs, be it a simple one-person blog, podcasting site, community, or an e-commerce solution.

We can develop a website that suits just your particular needs. It can be based on one of our basic packages or completely customised to your needs. We have developed websites for organisations, conferences, research groups, schools, bloggers, individual academics and more.

Starter web for organisations

  • Blog / Podcast
  • Conference / Community
  • Course / School
  • Shop / eCommerce